Baby Laughs no Spill Snack Container Cup for Babies and Toddlers


  • ✅ Easy clean, dishwasher proof and BPA free way to teach your child to feed themselves. Great for your child’s development.
  • ✅ Keeps children entertained on long journeys or any time you need to complete chores around your home.
  • ✅ Stops overeating by giving your child a puzzle to complete each time they want to go back for more. A child can only take one piece of apple or a few cookies at a time, so they will take a lot longer to finish the food in the snack pot.
  • ✅ Soft rubber lid and flexible cup guarantees your child’s safety. Highly flexible flaps and rounded edges are tough enough to keep snacks in the pot even when being thrown around a room, but soft enough to not pinch small fingers.
  • ✅ Fits into cupholders in most cars and strollers for convenience when out and about, with easy hold handles for small hands.

Baby Laughs spill proof snack container cup for babies and toddlers, is the ideal way to teach your child to feed themselves without the hassle of snacks being thrown across the room.

Having your baby or toddler finish what you have prepared for them within two minutes only to ask for more straight away, is frustrating to say the least. The soft flaps on the lid of Baby Laughs snack container stops your child from being able to take more than they need in one go, making their snack last longer, and keeping them entertained for much longer than usual.

Recommended for ages 9 months+, this snack holder is perfect for holding snacks such as fruit chunks (apple, pineapple etc), cereal, crackers and anything that you think your child might enjoy.

The snack container has been tested to ensure the lid will not be easily taken off by toddlers or babies, and will not come off when dropped (or thrown).


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